Global Elites Reveal the Final Plan of Destruction

Timing, as I have told hundreds of thousands, is the critical element here in how “we,” the man of valor, respond to the escalating threat circling in the field preparing its final assault. If you can get a picture of our situation through this symbolic illustration, then you just begin to understand the reality of world bankers, international corporate entities, domestic political figures, and all of their related networks and organizations mentioned so many times and how they have all stood a safe distance from the bull, yet fed him and groomed him for this moment. In reality, they wait even now, for the exact moment when we are the weakest. When we have given up, agreed to accept their terms, and while we cower, the beast moves in for the kill. That is our nation at this moment. Make NO mistake; elections notwithstanding, we are simply in an indefensible part of the field watching as the bull circles for its final attack run.