Arrest of CIA’s Davis in Pakistan Confirms Illuminati Behind Terror

Obama has claimed that Davis is an American diplomat entitled to diplomatic immunity. However, the US blundered their story from the beginning, first claiming he was an ‘employee of the US Consulate General Lahore’ and then later a member of the ‘administrative and technical staff of the US Embassy Islamabad’. Then Davis claimed he worked for a security firm called Hyperion LLC, under a contract with the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan. But the BBC reported that Hyperion exists only as a website, and its offices in Orlando have been vacant for several years. The numbers on its website are unlisted. i.e. it is a CIA front. The men he killed were revealed to be ISI agents who were trying to arrest Davis. Davis gunned them down rather than surrender. Pakistan is in a furor. The incident is viewed as the intentional and cold-blooded murders of innocent men. Davis personifies the immunity the American military has to murder Pakistani citizens at will. Outside his jail huge crowds have gathered demanding justice. They have burned effigies of him.