The Uncontrollable Chaos of Multiculturalism

As America grapples with its black/white conundrum daily on various outbursts across the nation, i.e., Harvard professor Henry Luis Gates with Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley; the latest being Juan Williams at NPR; or the latest implosion at NPR with racial slurs–we face even greater dilemmas as we create four new ethnic tribal dynamics via relentless immigration. What four you ask? As we immigrate millions of legal and illegal immigrants from Arabic and Spanish cultures—we now have four major tribes competing for dominance within the United States. As their numbers increase, watch for more confrontations from Chinese, Indian and African tribes. As different tribes grow in numbers, they manifest their power as to language, tribal practices, voting and cultural dominances. Few understand what has happened to France, United Kingdom, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, German, Australia, Canada and Spain—but it’s headed into America at breakneck speed.