Jim Carrey’s ‘Creepy’ Video Message to Actress Raises Ire of Feminized Media

“Creepy” is the term they use against Jim Carrey and his joke video aimed at a younger (but very much an adult) female actress because feminist critics and the liberal media in general eye unsolicited male affection toward women as “suspect” and would love to label it as a near-criminal act. And there lies the rub: the media and feminist critics want such behavior (even a joke) to be doused with gasoline every time it rears its head and therefore push friendly contact between men and women further apart. More especially so when a man addresses a woman without her solicitation for such attention thus making it politically-incorrect for a man (even a wealthy actor/comedian like Jim Carrey) to proposition or make intimate gestures to a woman unless she instigates it first! http://www.the-spearhead.com/2011/08/26/%e2%80%9ci-just-called-to-say%e2%80%a6-%e2%80%9d/