A Father Cannot Be a Mother, and He Should Not Try

From the beginning of the identity politics era, which is when women and men began to see each other as rivals, there’s been a lot of one-upsmanship over parenting, and who is the more important parent. In the public sphere, women won hands-down, but this has turned out to be a disaster for the millions of children who, as a consequence, grew up in broken, fatherless homes. Concerned men have responded to this by saying that they are every bit as good at parenting as women. Many have embraced the concept of equality, suggesting that women are no more capable of raising children than men. In a sense they are correct, as children raised by fathers seem to do better than those raised by single mothers, but they are also wrong in some regards. Mothers and fathers are both important, but they are complementary; each has a role to play. The tragedy of the modern family is that the father’s role has been overlooked, replaced by the idea that children need only mothering and material provision to be properly raised. http://www.the-spearhead.com/2011/09/14/a-father-cannot-be-a-mother-and-he-should-not-try/