Why the Marriage Rate Will Continue to Decline

It was the black American community that first began to reject marriage, and for a practical reason: married mothers received less state support than those who remained unwed. As soon as providing welfare to unwed mothers became the norm, black women began to see having children out of wedlock as a better alternative to the traditional family. In many cases, married black families were poorer than those who avoided marriage, because women with husbands were not eligible to receive state aid. This prompted great numbers of black women to leave their husbands, and eventually led to the contemporary state of the black family, in which only a minority of black parents ever bother getting married. The same process eventually filtered into the white working class, and now it is beginning to affect young whites from middle-class families, as youth employment and wages have dropped precipitously over the past couple decades, and companies no longer provide the same level of benefits they once did. http://www.the-spearhead.com/2011/12/23/why-the-marriage-rate-will-continue-to-decline/