Against Amnesty

Will Whites fall for the GOP scam forever? They voted for Nixon and got affirmative action. They voted for Reagan and got a mass illegal amnesty, mass non-White legal immigration, the MLK holiday, and the exponential growth of political correctness. They voted for the Bush family, and got more civil rights laws, and they got Bush Jr., together with 2008 GOP Presidential candidate McCain, bringing forth the current illegal amnesty nightmare by their fervid support, supplying “cover from the Right.” Let’s not forget Bob “Civil Rights Republican” Dole and Jack “Martin Luther King Jr. Republican” Kemp telling “bigots” to leave the 2006 GOP convention. That’s the allegedly “far-right, lily-White, racist” Republican Party of the past — one wonders what the “enlightened GOP” of the future will be like? How long will Whites be hoodwinked? At what point will they realize that the Republican Party ranks high among the most racially destructive forces in history — worse than the Democrats because the Democratic Party is at least overt in its anti-Whiteness, while the GOP routinely pursues viciously destructive policies while hiding behind the guise of implicit Whiteness. Treason and betrayal — the stock in trade of the GOP — are much worse than open and honest opposition.